human rights

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human rights, the legal and moral rights recognized by national and international laws.
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Ambassador Pierre-Richard Prosper tell reporters (as summarized by the AP): "[T]he United States favors working with nongovernment organizations, private industry and universities and law schools to help individual countries set up tribunals.
With well selected sites, projects that are coupled with nongovernment organizations as a force multiplier, and execution that is followed up by assessment, the impact of the HCA program on the host nation, and ultimately the United States, is multiplied.
Artis expects that his arsenal of antibiotics donated by various nongovernment organizations in the United States and Canada will cure 25,000 refugees, who are suffering from cases of cholera or respiratory problems.
According to Drucker, government should not do what nongovernment organizations can do as well or better.
Users will benefit from XBRL format templates for reporting financial statements data to internal and external users such as business partners, financial analysts, investors, stock exchanges, tax authorities and government or nongovernment organizations -- either through a Web-based interactive enterprise portal or through seamless data exchange via the Internet or any other data-exchange protocol.
Maranon said he would also seek the assistance of the Catholic Church, religious leaders, nongovernment organizations, private sector, local shopping malls and the sugar industry in the campaign.
This will be accomplished by (i) providing a capacity building program to increase the understanding of governments and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) of the LAR aspects of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) 2009 and LAR improvements needed in each DMC; (ii) promoting country ownership of sound LAR; (iii) narrowing gaps between local practice and ADB policy; and (iv) developing procedures and technical tools to prepare and execute better resettlement plans.
Interviews--with urban stakeholders, those in government and nongovernment organizations, academia, and others--are on themes such as working with slum dwellers, planning, land, and policies.
World TB Day provides an opportunity for TB programs, nongovernment organizations, and other partners to describe TB-related pr0blems and solutions and to support TB-control efforts.
A Foreign Ministry delegation which visited Afghanistan earlier this month briefed nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and other government ministries and agencies Monday about the current situation in the country, ministry officials said.
Section 4 presents state and territorial government and nongovernment organizations.
Most of the arrests occurred before the trial of Cuban dissidents or after the demonstrations called by nongovernment organizations.