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n a valued commodity exchanged between two parties in a legal agreement with one another, such as money, services, and so forth.


n inducement to make a contract. It may be a benefit to the promisor or a loss or detriment to the promisee. Consideration must be regarded as such by both parties.


the essential element in all contracts; the return for the outlay. Wages, leave entitlements are considerations in a contract of appointment, even though many of them are unwritten. The provision of housing as part of an employment package is a consideration. The fee for surgery is the consideration in return for the surgery.

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Triarc to receive total nominal consideration of approximately $145 million consisting of senior secured notes and convertible preferred stock
subsidiary to a third party for a nominal consideration, the company said.
The Company also agreed to issue additional warrants to the investors, as liquidated damages, in the event the registration statement is not declared effective within the time periods prescribed by the Registration Rights Agreement, which warrants would be exercisable for nominal consideration.
26 April 2016 - Ukraine-based shopping centre operator Arricano Real Estate plc (AIM: ARO) has agreed to acquire Russian property manager Green City LLC from Retail Real Estate SA for a nominal consideration in cash of USD 1,560, the company said.
Carnarvon and Finder Exploration Pty Ltd (Finder) will grant Apache an option to acquire a 40% interest in WA-436-P and WA-438-P (20% from Carnarvon and 20% from Finder), for a nominal consideration to be exercised on or before 3 July 2014.
and sold its Hong Kong subsidiary to an unaffiliated third party for nominal consideration.
will grant Apache an option to acquire a 40% interest for a nominal consideration to be exercised on or before July 2014.
On June 9, 2006 the Company sent notice to Master Gain of its election to exercise its termination rights of the JV Agreement and exercise its right to purchase Master Gain's fifty percent (50%) ownership interest in BTIH, which the Company anticipates to be for nominal consideration.
In deciding to dispose of these businesses for nominal consideration over closing them, the directors were mindful, in particular, of BEI and CRC's 62 employees,its creditors and other liabilities.
Nominal consideration recognizes Boone National Savings and Loan Association's equity as of December 31, 2006 of $15,389,000 plus a premium for the banking business of $16,250,000.
3 December 2015 - UK-based waste-to-product business Shanks Group plc (LSE: SKS) has completed the disposal of its non-core Industrial Cleaning Wallonia business in Belgium for nominal consideration, the group said.
The New Soros Group proposal is also conditioned upon the transfer, for nominal consideration, of a minority equity interest in Star Gas LLC to the Soros Group and the agreement by all of the equity holders of Star Gas LLC to: (i) grant the Soros Group the right to appoint all of the members of the board of directors of Star Gas LLC and (ii) not sell their equity interests in Star Gas, LLC without the prior written consent of the Soros Group.