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Archaic term for radon.
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It was good to know so many restaurants on the island welcome customers with a dog, the charming Buddle Inn at Niton, being one.
On the way back to Niton we popped into the White Mouse Inn, with free indoor and outdoor play facilities for kids that pubs on the mainland would be charging an arm and a leg for.
Niton proved just the ticket - a complex of farm buildings converted with flair into holiday cottages in an idyllic southern corner of the island.
With the introduction of the Niton FXL field X-ray lab, we offer a range of products, both field-mobile and handheld, geared toward helping importers, brand owners and retailers implement a standardized inspection protocol for incoming shipments to verify compliance at all stages of the supply chain," says Marc Tremblay, vice president/general manager for Thermo Scientific Niton Analyzers.
When joined with advanced Thermo Scientific Niton analyzer proprietary electronics, new levels of analytical capabilities are realized.
The most important recent development has been the breakthrough in uniting compact low-power x-ray targets with CCD detectors to make possible a hand-held XRE Thermo Fisher broke through in this area with its Niton portable and has been followed by a number of vendors.
Carbon nanotubes analysis by X-ray fluorescence was carried out by NITON XLt 793 apparatus.
Only a handful of people trickled in over the course of the six-hour event, co-sponsored by the Science Factory and the Eugene-based Oregon Toxics Alliance, which provided the on-site testing using a hi-tech, hand-held device called a Niton Analyzer on loan from ThermoFisher Scientific.
Adding to its Niton XRF line of analyzers, Thermo Scientific showed its new hand-held XL3t series with a novel solid-state detector for heavy metals in plastics that is reportedly 10 times faster and more sensitive than conventional Si-PIN and SDD detectors.
Niton XL3t is said to offer overall sensitivity and measurement times as much as 10 times faster than conventional Si-PIN detectors, and up to three times more precise than conventional silicon drift detectors.
Although it has been some seven years since the last major landslip occurred here, forcing the closure of a 250-metre section of the A3055 between Ventnor and Niton, you can't escape the feeling that what you see now could come crashing down at any moment.