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Franz, German neurologist, 1860-1919. See: Nissl bodies, Nissl degeneration, Nissl granules, Nissl substance, Nissl stain.


named for Franz Nissl (1860-1919), German neurologist.

Nissl bodies
large granular bodies that stain with basic dyes, forming the reticular substance of the cytoplasm of neurons, composed of rough endoplasmic reticulum and free polyribosomes.
Nissl granules
location of synthesis of most nervous system proteins.
Nissl substance
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Nissl staining was performed to show neuronal damage in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus CAI region after MCAO (Li et al.
5 shows the morphometrical analysis of Nissl stained CA1 hippocampus sections.
They also have inconspicuous nucleoli and eccentric, pear-shaped, gray-blue cytoplasm without the apparent stippled Nissl substance seen in mature GCs.
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