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(nîr′ĭn-bûrg′), Marshall Warren Born 1927.
American biochemist. He shared a 1968 Nobel Prize for the study of genetic codes.
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Bakanae disease caused by Fusarium fujikuroi Nirenberg [F.
In the first chapter, Nirenberg cogently argues that Christians developed a negative stereotype of Islam after the year 1000 as part of the imperialistic ambitions of the papacy to give Christians a common project and a shared sense of purpose.
Nirenberg, David, 2013, Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition, New York: W.
Right now we have no treatment to prevent or slow Parkinson's,'' Nirenberg, of NYU Langone Medical Center, said.
This means that weather conditions are extremely important for the development of various microfungi (Torp & Nirenberg, 2004; Uhlig et al.
In 1979, Gidas, Ni and Nirenberg [26] proved some very interesting facts, for example, they showed that all positive solution in [C.
David Nirenberg has given us a volume that anyone interested in the history of Western culture and politics, as well as those working in the area of theology, must read.
Anti-Judaism," Nirenberg summarizes, "should not be understood as some archaic or irrational closet in the vast edifices of Western thought.
Nadal Nirenberg of Brooklyn lost his phone in a cab at 4am on New Year's Eve.
In his learned introduction, David Nirenberg explores the role that concepts of Jewish perception came to play in Christianity's definition of itself, and traces the path whereby Judaism became central to Christian understanding of aesthetics.
Notice that a very detailed proof of Zarantonello's result may be found in Nirenberg [4, [section] 5.
Sheila Nirenberg, a computational neuroscientist at Weill Cornell, envisions a day when the blind can choose to wear a visor, similar to the one used on the television show Star Trek.