nicotine patch

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nicotine patch

A disposable device imbibed with a nicotine-releasing cream, which is used in smoking cessation.
Adverse effects
Transient burning, itching (50%), erythema (14%), contact hypersensitivity (2.4%).

Nicotine patches (NPs) result in end-of-treatment smoking cessation of 18–77%, a six-month abstinence of 22–42% (vs 5–28% for placebo patches), and reduce many of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Available data suggests that 6–8 weeks of NP therapy is adequate in most patients; for success in smoking cessation to be most effective, NPs should be used in conjunction with adjuvant smoking cessation counselling. The abstinence rate in one study was 17% at one year, which is lower than that reported for nicotine gum and behavioural therapy.

nicotine patch

Nicotine transdermal delivery system Substance abuse
A device used in smoking cessation Side effects Transient burning, itching–50%, erythema–14%; contact hypersensitivity–2.4%. See Nicotine replacement therapy.

nicotine patch

A transdermal method of administering nicotine, used as an aid in quitting smoking.
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nic·o·tine patch

(nikŏ-tēn pach)
A transdermal form of nicotine withdrawal therapy available in various dosages.

Patient discussion about nicotine patch

Q. nicotine patch does anyone know if you can use the patch for smokeless tobacco users,that dont smoke,and how well does it work,what are the side effects,i"ve been using smokeless tobacco for 24 years and would like to stop,tried going cold turkey,but it didnt work,my dr. said i should try the patch,but couldnt tell me if it would work or not.

A. There is really no reason you couldn't try the patch. The problem would be with what dose to start. Usually if people smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day they start with the 21mg but I am not sure how smokeless tobacco relates to cigarettes. Your best bet may be to try the gum as you chew it and then place it between you cheek and gum for a while, similar to dip.

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Of those who lapsed, 69% on place borelapsed, compared with 61% using a nicotine patch, 64% on bupropion with a lozenge, 63% on bupropion, 62% on a lozenge, and 61% on a patch with a lozenge.
3,10) We retained two criteria in our analysis algorithm, based on the premise that users take one patch a day and that treatment is uninterrupted: 1) the last nicotine patch dose must have been 7 mg, and 2) the nicotine patches must have been bought for eight weeks or more.
The nicotine patch was well tolerated, with the exception of 5 patients who experienced skin irritation or headache; however, 3 patients were removed from patch therapy due to skin hyper-reaction or headache.
Today, the FDA is in the odd position of forcing makers of the nicotine patch, which is part of the solution, to jump through countless regulatory hoops, even though low tar cigarettes, which are part of the problem, haven't jumped through any.
Combining a nicotine patch with the drug varenicline (Chantix[R]) is more effective than the drug alone for quitting smoking, suggests a study published July 9 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
BALTIMORE -- Utilizing a nicotine patch or bupropion together with a nicotine lozenge was the most effective of five therapies tested for promoting smoking abstinence and avoiding a lapse or relapse into smoking, according to a prospective study of 1,504 smokers.
Combining the nicotine patch with nicotine lozenges appears to be the most effective approach for smoking cessation, according to a report in the November issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.
PITTSBURGH -- A three-drug combination of nicotine patch, nicotine inhaler, and bupropion significantly increased the cigarette abstinence rate at 6 months, compared with the nicotine patch alone, in a randomized trial of 127 smokers with medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.
FEARS that Colin Farrell would blow the Miami Vice set sky high with a sneaky fag forced producers to have a nicotine patch suit made for him.
6) Researchers recruited 422 participants from a Minnesota college campus and surrounding metropolitan area through advertisements; they were randomly assigned to nicotine patch plus mint snuff (a nicotine-free product), nicotine patch and no mint snuff, placebo patch plus mint snuff, or placebo patch and no mint snuff.