Nicotiana tabacum

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Nicotiana tabacum,

n See tobacco.


a genus of plants in the family Solanaceae; contain nicotine which causes dyspnea, incoordination, tremor and convulsions; includes N. amplexicaulis, N. attenuata, N. debneyi, N. exigua, N. glauca (tree tobacco), N. gossei, N. megalosiphon, N. suaveolens, N. suaveolens var. parviflora (N. debneyi), N. trigonophylla, N. velutina. Most of the species are also called wild or native tobacco.

Nicotiana tabacum
ingestion of the leaves or stalks of this plant by sows in early pregnancy causes congenital arthrogryposis of their piglets. Cows may also be affected. The teratogen is the alkaloid anabasine. Called also tobacco—the commercial tobacco plant.
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