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William, Scottish physicist, 1768-1851. See: Nicol prism.
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The body of Tania Nicol, 19, was discovered at Copdock, Suffolk, on Friday - five weeks after she disappeared from Ipswich's red-light district.
But Ian recalled Nicol had an innovative way of escaping the baying crowd - by hypnotising them.
But Keegan couldn't wait for Nicol to appear in front of his England squad before last Saturday's match with Poland - which they went on to win 3-1.
It was a remarkable turnaround for Nicol, who has been involved in several forms of showbusiness throughout his career.
Nicol says that over the years he has successfully bounced back from several setbacks - including divorce, bankrupcy and cancer.
Now Nicol, of Livingston, West Lothian, himself lectures businessmen on how to motivate themselves and their workers.
Nicol said: "I was very well paid for what I did for England.
However, Nicol said: "I thought that was a good response, a positive response.
Nicol has been given credit for motivating the team and, in particular Paul Scholes, who scored a hat-trick.
Nicols has served in various capacities at Albemarle Corporation, a public company focused on the development, manufacture, and marketing of highly engineered specialty chemicals, since he joined that company in 1990.