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Charles J.H., French microbiologist and Nobel laureate, 1866-1936. See: Nicolle stain for capsules.
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Selon un communique rendu public par le ministere de la Sante, le travail de cette equipe de controle sera lance au sein de l'hopital Charles Nicolle pour concerner par la suite les differents etablissements hospitaliers, universitaires et regionaux.
She was cut free by firefighters and driven to Inverclyde Royal Hospital by her friend Nicolle Cameron.
Marilyn Nicolle, aged 63, of Swansea Marina, who has worked in a series of bookshops, said the closure would mean Swansea would be left with just one independent bookseller.
ALEX DE LARREDYA is set to provide a fascinating international angle to the JLT Long Walk Hurdle at Ascot next month, according to his in-form trainer Francois Nicolle.
Twelve security personnel were identified; the thirteenth body is being identified at the forensic medical service of Charles Nicolle hospital, he indicated.
NEW YORK -- Actress Rosie Perez and Republican media operative Nicolle Wallace are joining ABC's daytime chat show, "The View.
Notons que les cadavres des terroristes tues ont ete transferes a la morgue de l'hopital Charles Nicolle, pour autopsie et identification genetique, notamment celui de Kamel Gadhgadhi dont il est dit qu'il faisait partie du groupe barricade a l'interieur de la villa que les forces de securite viennent d'ailleurs de faire exploser.
Contact: Nicolle Scruggs, Marketing and Development Intern
Nicolle Young, who lives in the flat opposite, said she spotted Michelle, who is believed to have three children, lying on the sitting room floor as she walked past the window at lunchtime on Sunday.
He was hit but able to walk to a nearby Project Medishare hospital for help, said his wife, Nicolle Bompart, 45.
Also joining the team is French pastry chef Eric-Marie Nicolle.
Charles Nicolle and Louis Manceaux published the definitive description of the organism in 1909 after they observed the parasites in the blood, spleen, and liver of a North African rodent, Ctenodactylus gondii.