Tobacco control A proprietary semiquantitative urine dipstick test for nicotine. See Passive smoking.
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Under the terms of the distribution agreement, Henry Schein will initially target the NicCheck I product to physician customers within specific specialties.
NicCheck I could provide the physician with a simple means of identifying smokers, confirming their level of nicotine consumption, and using the results to motivate them to quit smoking.
DynaGen has been marketing the NicCheck I product directly to smoking cessation groups and other professional organizations that want to test for nicotine.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking clearance to market its NicCheck I test.
Analysis of the clinical trial data also shows that NicCheck I is more reliable than simply using the number of cigarettes smoked each day as an indication of nicotine consumption.
We have worked with FDA for over three years to correctly determine the best way for NicCheck to be clinically evaluated and the most appropriate filing procedure for seeking clearance to market the product," said Dr.
DynaGen's management believes NicCheck could play an important role in reducing nicotine consumption.
Market research conducted on behalf of the Company suggests acceptance of NicCheck will occur, particularly among HMOs who now cover over half of the U.
NicCheck, the first physiological diagnostic test of this kind, presents a unique, viable and cost effective technique with the potential to provide that capability," said David P.
DynaGen is developing NicErase sublingual lobeline sulfate for smoking cessation, NicCheck for immediate assessment of smoking status, and OrthoDyn polymers for bone repair.