Newcastle disease virus

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New·cas·tle dis·ease vi·rus

a virus of the genus Rubulavirus, family Paranexoviridae, causing Newcastle disease in chickens and, to a lesser extent, in turkeys and other birds; it may occasionally infect laboratory and poultry workers, causing conjunctivitis and lymphadenitis.

Newcastle Disease virus,

n a paramyxovirus that causes a fatal disease in birds. Both the lytic and nonlytic strains of the virus are being used in NDV-based cancer therapy.
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Of the 100 birds tested for antibodies, 100 (100%) were positive for infectious bursal disease, 85 (85%) for infectious bronchitis virus, and 97 (97%) demonstrated antibodies for Newcastle disease virus.
Comparison of Newcastle disease virus sequences Classification * Amino acid sequence Lentogenic [sup.
Newcastle disease virus in chickens (August 2004-July 2005) and minor poultry (August 2004-November 2006) * No.
Influence of chicken breed on pathogenicity evaluation of velogenic Newcastle disease virus isolates from cormorants and turkeys.
Efficiency of adjuvant active specific immunization with Newcastle disease virus modified tumor cells in colorectal cancer patients following resection of liver metastases: results of a prospective randomized trial.
After our analysis, Newcastle disease virus isolates placed in class I had only a single genotype, while isolates in class II contained 15 genotypes," Afonso says.
Thirteen turkeys (54%) were positive for Newcastle disease virus antibodies, and 15 turkeys (63%) were positive for antibodies to reticuloendotheliosis virus.
Avian gyrovirus 2 and a virulent Newcastle disease virus coinfection in a chicken flock with neurologic symptoms and high mortalities.
A vaccine strain of the Newcastle disease virus, a virus that naturally affects poultry, was cloned and a small section of the H5N1 virus was transplanted into the Newcastle disease virus vaccine, creating a recombinant virus.
There, outbreaks can kill 80 to 90 percent of infected birds that have not been vaccinated or previously exposed to a less virulent Newcastle disease virus (NDV).
Clinical signs of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) include coughing, gasping and sneezing, diarrhea, petechiae, twisted neck, and paresis of legs and wings and its preventive measures include vaccination of poultry, quarantine, import restrictions, and banning feeding based on animal tissues.
On November 14, Veterinary Services had to cull almost 3,000 chickens after a case of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) had been detected at a poultry farm outside Nicosia.

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