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a community in England near the location where Newcastle disease was first observed.
Newcastle disease - an influenzalike disease of birds that is transmissible to man if in contact with diseased birds. Synonym(s): avian influenza; Ranikhet disease
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The Administrative Division monitors each of the divisions for quality of services, oversees both the operating & capital budgets, maintains an inventory of all New Castle County property, & handles employee training & worker's compensation matters.
The New Castle network dates to the mid-1990's when New Castle, Pennsylvania entered a sister city relationship with Shinshiro, Japan.
Given the county executive's pledge of no tax increases, the consulting firm projected that New Castle County would experience a shortfall of $100 million in its general fund by 2001, unless significant organizational and operational changes were enacted.
It was this story that 12-year-old Kassie Hawkins, and her teacher, Kathy Mings, from tiny New Castle, Ky.
New Castle teamed with Rockbridge Capital in this acquisition.
When New Castle County residents sign the online pledge, they can assign their pledge to any public, charter, or private school in the county.
Jacqueline Kerr, 43, adviser, New castle city centre: I do a lot of travelling so I am concerned about the increase.
301 Pigeon Point Rd, New Castle, DE, 19720 tel: 302/652-3301 fax: 302/652-3338#
For the time being, New Castle will be maintained as a separate entity.
Many of the agents hold influential positions in the communities, including PTA President, Fire Commissioner and they have board memberships at New Castle Historical Society, New Castle Beautification Advisory Committee, Pleasantville Rotary Club and others.
One of Chrysler's first moves was to purchase an 18-year-old machining and forge plant in New Castle.
It's the start of rebuilding a city that gave everybody else their start," said Steve Gerson, a Los Angeles developer and New Castle native who is married to Harry Warner's granddaughter.

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