Steroid produced within the brain.
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Retinoic acids induce neurosteroid biosynthesis in human glial GI-1 cells via the induction of steroidogenic genes.
Does exercise correct dysregulation of neurosteroid levels induced by epilepsy?
The neurosteroid progesterone underlies estrogen positive feedback of the LH surge.
It is considered both a neurosteroid, being produced in the brain, as well as a neuroactive steroid, produced in the adrenals and having its effect on the brain.
Enhanced GABAergic tone via neurosteroid-induced allosteric activation of GABAA receptors is emerging as critical to the pathogenesis of HE, prompting efforts to develop agents that antagonize GABAA receptor-potentiating neurosteroids 1 .
Another drug being studied for major depressive disorder is the investigational agent SAGE-547, an allosteric neurosteroid modulator of both synaptic and extrasynaptic GABA receptors.
It is thus possible that these sex differences in neurosteroid levels may contribute to differences in the underlying pathophysiology of pain between sexes [6,7,19].
Given the small effect size and limitations of the studies used in this analysis, more direct evidence supporting a sustained and delayed neuroprotective effect of extended exposure to estradiol, cyclic progestins, and their neurosteroid derivatives is required to support use of hormonal therapy as a therapeutic approach to protecting against postmenopausal depression.
Progesterone as a neurosteroid hormone may participate to remyelination by either stimulating the proliferation and maturation of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells into mature oligodendrocytes able to form new myelin (1,3,6) or indirectly by modulating autoimmune and inflammatory processes.
In addition to the "fight or flight" responses to stress--the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol hormones--our bodies produce DHEA, a neurosteroid, that helps us recover from stress and makes the body and brain healthier and more resilient, McGonigal said in a recent interview-.
A pilot study of the neurosteroid ganaxolone in catamenial epilepsy: clinical experience in two patients.
Progesterone as a neuroactive neurosteroid, with special reference to the effect of progesterone on myelination.