neuromuscular therapy

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neu·ro·mus·cu·lar ther·a·py

(NMT) (nūr'ō-mŭs'kyū-lăr thār'ă-pē)
Integrative system of bodywork designed to incorporate neurologic responses with myofascial tissue states; it addresses trigger points, hypertonicity in muscles, and postural compensation patterns to improve range of motion and reduce musculoskeletal pain and to restore balance between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.
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The Center for Neuromuscular Therapy and Integrative Health provides a comprehensive approach to conventional medicine and alternative therapies, all in one location.
Before beginning her wood-carving career, Cormier practiced neuromuscular therapy for many years, helping people relieve chronic pain with a cross between soft-tissue work and physical therapy.
Service: Chair massage and lectures on stress, pain and posture in the workplace; a clinic offering massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, acupuncture, neurofeedback, psychotherapy and counseling.
manipulation, neuromuscular therapy, movement reeducation
Eccella Smiles offers specialized services including CEREC one visit restoration, Cone Beam CT Technology, NuCalm neuroscience relaxation technology, TMJ and neuromuscular therapy, and snoring and sleep apnea solutions.
The Center for Neuromuscular Therapy and Integrated Health combines the benefits of conventional therapies with alternative means to form a comprehensive approach to achieving health goals.
The center continues to offer massage for relaxation or rehabilitation, neuromuscular therapy, and prenatal and infant massage.

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