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A modified form of melanin pigment normally found in certain neurons of the nervous system, especially in the substantia nigra and locus ceruleus.
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Neuromelanin is similar to eumelanin, but its function in the brain is only partially understood.
The research findings described in this media release can be found in the scientific journal Cell Stem Cell, under the title, "Midbrain-like organoids from human pluripotent stem cells contain functional dopaminergic and neuromelanin producing neurons" by Junghyun Jo1, Yixin Xiao2,3, Alfred Xuyang Sun1,4, Engin Cukuroglu1, Hoang-Dai Tran1,5, Jonathan Goke1, Zi Ying Tan1,6, Tzuen Yih Saw1, Cheng-Peow Tan1, Hidayat Lokman2, Younghwan Lee2, Donghoon Kim7, Han Seok Ko7, Seong-Oh Kim8, Jae Hyeon Park8, Nam-Joon Cho8,9, Thomas M Hyde10,11,12, Joel E Kleinman10,11, Joo Heon Shin10, Daniel R.
The structure of neuromelanin and its iron binding site studied by infrared spectroscopy.
Activation of microglia by human neuromelanin is NF-kappaB dependent and involves p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase: implications for Parkinson's disease.
The proposed neuromelanin connection,while not endorsed by all MPTP researchers, is supported by the new data.
A normal SN has a higher density of iron linked to ferritin and neuromelanin.
In human SNpc, the oxidation products of DA (mainly 6-hydroxydopamine) may polymerize to form neuromelanin, which may also be toxic by inducing apoptosis [32].
Melanin circulates in the inner body as neuromelanin and the scientific research is unequivocal that it has psycho-behavioral correlates.
The SN is uniquely vulnerable to oxidative damage, having high content of oxidizable dopamine, neuromelanin, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and iron, and relatively low antioxidant complement with high metabolic rate.
4,10) A peculiar pigmented renal cell carcinoma has been reported to contain a variety of neuromelanin.