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Immunohistochemistry for TDP-43 demonstrated a severe TDP-43 proteinopathy in limbic regions, including neuronal inclusions in hippocampal dentate granule cells and within CA1 in the form of slender neurites.
s] revealed fine neurites in the lateral lobes and ventral central lobes, as well as a handful of large neurons in the dorsal central lobes.
Based on our hypothesis about Ultra-Early Phase pathology that HMGB1 induces neurite degeneration via TLR4-pSer46MARCKS pathway, we developed antibody therapy against HMGB1 to inhibit the damage propagation from neuron to neuron in AD.
For example, studies from multiple laboratories have demonstrated that the MEK (MAP kinase kinase) inhibitor U0126 decreases neurite length in PC12 cells in a concentration-dependent manner (Kano et al.
Effect of lichen-derived compounds on the induction of neurite outgrowth and cytotoxicity
1986, Fibroblast growth factor promotes survival of dissociated hippocampal neurons and enhances neurite extension.
2013) evaluated the morphological properties of the soma and neurites using a computerized imaging system.
Chu, "Role of autophagy in G2019S-LRRK2-associated neurite shortening in differentiated SH-SY5Y cells," Journal of Neurochemistry, vol.
However, it has been demonstrated that HMGB1 is also secreted by living cells in the central nervous system where it is involved in a number of neuronal functions such as differentiation, cell survival, and neurite outgrowth [14,17,35,36].
24) A lab study revealed that taurine restores normal neurite growth in nerves exposed to toxic chemicals, largely through its protective effects against chemical stresses.
The patent claims are directed to the composition of matter and methods of use, including inhibiting tissue damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and promoting neurite outgrowth and neuron survival, among others.