net protein utilization

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net protein utilization (NPU)

a measure of protein quality based on the percentage of ingested nitrogen that is retained by the body. Because NPU does not take into account differences in the digestibility of proteins, it gives a poorly digested but good-quality protein a false low value.

net pro·tein u·ti·li·za·tion

(NPU) (net prō'tēn yū'ti-lī-zā'shŭn)
Measurement of the body's use of ingested protein.

net protein utilization (NPU),

n a comparison between the amount of nitrogen taken into the body and the amount retained, which results in a percentage value; includes a determination of whether the protein containing the nitrogen is capable of being digested in the first place.
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Average weight gain, feed intake, protein efficiency ratio (PER) and net protein utilization (NPU) for various rations have been presented in Table IV.
Nitrogen balance assay: The procedure described by Eggum (1973) was used to assess the effect of gum arabic and carrageenan (cellulose as a reference) on apparent protein digestibility (APD), apparent energy digestibility (AED) and apparent fat digestibility (AFD), metabolizable energy (ME), true protein digestibility (TPD), biological value (BV), net protein utilization (NPU).
05) difference in net protein utilization and biological value among the groups with high value obtained for diet formulated with GA.
At the end of the feeding trial, final weight of the fish was recorded to determine body weight gain (BWG), percent weight gain (PWG), feed efficiency ratio (FER), specific growth rate (SGR), protein efficiency ratio (PER), food conversion ratio (FCR), net protein utilization (NPU) and condition factor (CF).
05) higher protein efficiency ratio and net protein utilization (Table II).
True digestibility, net protein utilization, biological value, net protein ratio, protein efficiency ratio and feed efficiency ratio were calculated as described by (Pellet and Young, 1980).