neoplastic disease

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neoplastic disease

an abnormal condition produced by a NEOPLASM.


pertaining to neoplasia or a neoplasm.

neoplastic disease
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September 8 - 9, 2018 Session #1023 (Kansas City, MO) Neoplastic Disease and Cancer II
Having been diagnosed with neoplastic disease and have had surgery on the existing neoplastic disease.
2,3) One author reports that bony fragments (low signal on all sequences) only occur with TB, (3) but the other characteristics listed above may be mimicked by neoplastic disease (Table II).
2%) of the 228 original subjects had died, eight of them from neoplastic diseases.
Louis, MO) Neoplastic Disease and Cancer II Instructor: TJ Williams, DC, DABCI, PhD
The remaining 19 chapters cover microscopy and tissue preparation, laboratory techniques, microanatomy and neoplastic disease, and special techniques and stains.
This rearrangement is monoclonal in neoplastic disease and polyclonal in reactive conditions such as KFD.
Some women required further investigation to rule out neoplastic disease, treat endometriomata, or confirm hemorrhagic luteal structures.
Doctors at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore obtained stool samples from 28 patients with nonmetastatic colorectal cancers, 18 patients with adenomas that were at least 1 cm in diameter, and from 28 control patients without neoplastic disease.
A few cases of gastrointestinal ulceration and sepsis have also been reported as a sequela to the neoplastic disease process.
The second part identifies guidelines for the diagnosis of dental caries and periodontal conditions, oral infection, salivary conditions, oral neoplastic disease, oral complications associated with cancer therapy, profacial pain conditions, and oral manifestations of autoimmune, immune-mediated, and allergic disorders.