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Based on the C3 car, the Nemo is very deceptive when it comes to sheer capability and carrying capacity.
Nemo is out to net the oneperson business people such as cake and sandwich deliverers, florists and the like who want a van to be very eye-catching and individual.
72 metres wide, Nemo is capable of carrying loads up to the capacity of 2.
The automaker insists that the Nemo is geared towards both short and long-haul deliveries, thanks to its responsive engines and excellent fuel economy.
Priced from pounds 7995 plus VAT and delivery, the new four-model Nemo range includes X and LX trim levels.
Spears and Williams, both former Blimpie franchise owners, invested $250,000 from personal savings, proceeds from the sale of their Blimpie properties, and a home equity loan to turn an old Chinese restaurant into the first Nemos Seafood.
Interested in becoming a Nemos Seafood franchise owner?
Live anemones are an option to re-create the Nemo environment and make the clowns feel at home, but they are not required.
Maintaining a Nemo also carries a significant price tag and time investment.
Another risk of the Nemo craze is to the fish themselves.
David Helvarg, president of the Blue Frontier Campaign, compares the current interest in buying Nemo with the rush to purchase Dalmatian puppies after the release of 101 Dalmatians.
Unlike the surge in Dalmatians after Disney's ``101 Dalmatians'' series, when the novelty of Nemo wears off, orphaned fish won't be flooding into animal shelters.