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Don H., 20th-century U.S. internist. See: Nelson syndrome, Nelson tumor.
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Oh, he's been sousin' here with Nelson all afternoon," was Johnny's answer.
He was thrusting the shells into the gun when Edith Nelson was aroused to action.
Hans Nelson was half a second behind his wife in rising to the unexpected.
So Edith Nelson went back to the terrible cabin with its endless alternating four-hour watches.
So Hans became another factor in the problem the unexpected had given Edith Nelson to solve.
com)-- Celebrity entertainers Matthew & Gunnar Nelson are delighted their popular Ricky Nelson Remembered Tour is among the top 20 list of most viewed concert tours on PollStar.
Since the full Nelson is, of course, illegal in high school and college wrestling, we can only come to grips with the four others.
That person is 39-year old Brian Nelson, the company's CEO for almost six years.
Dan Nelson was at UCLA a couple of months, had yet to take part in a practice, and very few of his teammates knew anything about him.
Barry Nelson, manager, public relations for John Deere, has been involved with magic for over 40 years and thoroughly enjoys the art.
This majestic property, about 40 miles north of New Haven, belongs to the poet laureate of Connecticut, Marilyn Nelson, the brain mother of the Soul Mountain Writer's Retreat.
Featuring three related but discrete constructed environments, the show diverged from the labyrinthine single-installation formula Nelson has become known for.