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Camillo, Italian neurologist, 1861-1927. See: Negro phenomenon.
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This potential is further underscored by drill results to date on La Negra that have consistently returned multiple wide intersections of mineralization, starting at surface and remaining open along strike and to depth, at the kind of silver grades that are currently being mined by open pit methods in Mexico.
This facility was identified in the Boca Negra Drainage
The Roca Negra vein is sub-parallel to the Terneras vein and about 50 meters to the north.
En el CORDE se recogen 76 casos del sintagma "nube negra," 66 de "nubes negras," 42 de "negra nube," y 74 de "negras nubes.
Two new spots, "Judged" and "Meals," are intended to highlight Negra Modelo's ability to pair well with foods.
His remains were dug up in Isla Negra where he was buried with his wife Matilde Urritia.
The list goes on and the preponderance of black can be explained by the translation of Vibora Negra, which means black Viper in English.
Araya said Neruda had been at home in Isla Negra but was taken to a clinic in Santiago when his condition worsened.
Fresh from his Pizza Hut dinner in Glasgow during the week, the 1D hearthrob rounded up some of his celeb pals for a birthday tea at La Bodega Negra in London's Soho.
FIRST it was the 'black viper' Mii Vibora Negra unveiled in July, now comes the shocking pink Mii Miinx.
But from what I hear Kelly was a touch miffed at her birthday celebrations at La Bodega Negra in Soho last weekend when singer PALOMA FAITH got chatty with Matt.
Travel Business Review-October 22, 2012--Aurcana Reports, Record Quarter of Silver Production, up 54% at La Negra Mine, Shafter Update and Appointment of Investor Communications Manager(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.