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v to deal or bargain with another or others to bring about an agreement or settlement.
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The three NAFTA Ministers agreed at the end of Round 4 to allow more space between rounds, in order to provide negotiators with enough time to analyze the proposals that all three countries have tabled so far and to conduct internal consultations.
The impending resumption of the talks follows a several-years hiatus caused by disagreements over the matter of the release of peace negotiators from the custody of the government.
Christodoulides told the Cyprus News Agency that the negotiators will meet on Monday, and the date of the next leaders' meeting will be agreed there.
Bilateral talks will be held between the delegations of Iran and some G5+1 member states at the level of deput chief negotiators this week and before the start of the next round of the negotiations between Tehran and the six world powers in Vienna on June 16-20," Araqchi, who is also Iran's deputy chief negotiator in the nuclear talks with the sextet, told FNA today.
As yet unobserved in the context of mediation, we hypothesized that imitation and similarity, activated by a mediator, could facilitate agreement between negotiators by increasing their perception of a climate of trust.
RAMALLAH - The entire team of Palestinian peace negotiators has resigned to protest continued Israeli settlement building, two of them said Wednesday, but president Mahmud Abbas has yet to accept their resignations.
The teams of negotiators will continue working on those topics during the course of the week, as other negotiators meet to discuss a range of regulatory issues, including technical barriers to trade, and energy and raw materials, it added.
In his view, the process in this way will not be burdened by emotions while the Albanian negotiator will not be intimidated by the reactions of the Macedonian government, a feeling that "all Macedonian negotiators thus far have had".
com)-- Swap Negotiators, an advocate for commercial borrowers, recently represented a large urology group in San Antonio, Texas unwinding an interest rate swap transaction and saving the group more than $70,000 in undisclosed bank fees.
The commander's decisionmaking ability is greatly improved when police, investigators, negotiators, and other involved parties can provide current and accurate information.
As Israeli and Palestinian negotiators met in Jordan, on 3 January, in the framework of the 23 September 2011 Quartet statement, the discussions revolved around border and security issues.
Recent events in Central Massachusetts and abroad highlight pressure situations that law enforcement negotiators are thrust into.