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from Bad Nauheim, a German spa.
Nauheim bath - Synonym(s): Nauheim treatment
Nauheim treatment - treatment of certain cardiac affections by baths in water through which carbonic acid gas is bubbling, followed by resistance exercises. Synonym(s): Nauheim bath; Schott treatment
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Nauheim is active in research, lecturing and publishing papers on ophthalmology and is also a member of the teaching faculty at North Shore University Hospital and Nassau University Medical Center.
She believed that it was her husband who was paying for her treatment, and for the expenses involved in the journey to Nauheim.
Munier, "Christian Worker Education Programs: Report and Recommendations," (Bad Nauheim, Germany, 10 September 1950), 2.
In opposition to the "sort of anchorage" that the patients at the baths achieve, Dowell describes his own feeling at the Nauheim as "a sense almost of nakedness--the nakedness that one feels on the sea-shore or in any great open space" (21).
20-21: 1st German Automotive Circle-23rd Workshop: Current Topics in Car Body Painting for the Future, Bad Nauheim, Germany.
Saudi Arabia's team hotel in Bad Nauheim will remove alcohol, adult movie channels and pictures of naked cherubs from its rooms before the team checks in
Michel Prokop, managing director of the Hotel Dolce, in Bad Nauheim, near Frankfurt, said: "We have nude women art and a photo gallery featuring nudes.
Gesellschaft fur Materialprufung und Geophysik, Dieselstrasse 9, D-61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany.
Mitrovic, medical director of the research unit at the Kerckhoff Clinic in Bad Nauheim, Germany.
Axel Forderreuther, development manager, Alcoa Advanced Transportation Systems, in a presentation at the 7th European Automotive Lightweight Conference in Bad Nauheim, Germany, compared to the 360 Modena, the bending stiffness is up 8%, the torsional stiffness up 20%, the energy absorption in front crash up 37%, the energy absorption in a rear crash up 105% (in compliance with U.
Sunderland Business School already has three partners in Germany ( the Lippstadt, Bad Nauheim and the International Business School (IBS) on its Berlin site.
After returning to Germany, doctors at the hospital in Bad Nauheim looked further at his injuries.