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One such example is his latest album, Nature Vs Nurture, where tracks happily bounce from electronica infused classical piano tracks with ethereal harmonies to folk, dark ambient and much more, creating sounds which cannot be easily categorised.
I'd always been interested in the nature vs nurture question and I'd always subscribed to nurture - you get out what you put in.
And in a classic case-study of nature vs nurture, Amy Childs, left, who appears in new ITV2 reality show The Only Way Is Essex, has always been this perma-tanned.
Must be a stage play in there somewhere ab out nature vs nurture,but it takes me bac
Novel Research Enables New Look At Nature vs Nurture
This nature vs nurture argument is one that affects many different areas of psychology.
For anyone who's not familiar with the Willy Russell-penned plot (which began as a school play in 1981), the story explores the nature vs nurture debate via the lives of fraternal twins, separated at birth.
This programme is launching the BBC's Family Wanted season on adoption, and pondering the old question of nature vs nurture, Nicky (no relation to Alastair, incidentally) reflects how his adoptive parents were wholly responsible for making him the person he is today.