natural history

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natural history

1. The study and description of organisms and natural objects, especially their origins, evolution, and interrelationships.
a. A collection of facts about the development of a natural process or entity: the natural history of tuberculosis.
b. A work or treatise containing such facts.

Natural History

Herbal medicine
A 37-volume collection of works on plants written by Pliny (the Elder) of the Greek empire, which served as a source of information for herbalists until the 17th century.

natural history (of disease)

The expected or predictable course of an untreated illness. The knowledge of the expected course of a disease is usually based on prior study of the effects of the illness on a large group of patients over time.
See: disease progression
See also: history


occurs in nature, without the intervention of humans.

natural experiments
occur by chance when all variables for a population are constant except one, which is different for one large part of the population compared with the other, e.g. when half of a flock comes from one climate and the other half is a local resident in another climate.
natural focus
the ecology that is best suited to a biological system, e.g. an individual insect-borne disease; the area in which the disease naturally flourishes best; an ecological niche.
natural history
history of a process or organism as it occurs in nature, e.g. course of a disease from infection to resolution.
natural killer (NK) cell
see natural killer cell.
natural selection
selection occurring in nature, without any human intervention, direct or indirect.
natural ventilation
ventilation without the use of artificially induced energy and the machines which it drives; the forces used are wind and the exchange of heat from within the barn and the external air, controlled by ventilation devices in the walls and the ceiling.
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The first natural historians of the New World had no tradition of literary knowledge to draw from, and consequently they were left with only their faculties of sensory perception upon which to base their reports.
These trees, carefully bound and watered and far more valuable than any human cargo, were intended for transplanting and cultivation in the Caribbean islands, and they stand as substance and symbol of a widespread romantic familiarity with the practices of inter-colonial acculturation by contemporary botanists and natural historians.
Academic Mike Collier will talk about his work with natural historians, photographers, writers, sound artists and members of the public.
You wouldn't be wrong: TV gardener, broadcaster, writer, novelist, natural historian and the founder of a charity are just some of the items he could put on his CV.
Natural historian Chris Yeates said: "We get them annually because they are so big and striking.
Darwin, the most profound and disturbing natural historian ever, said that its works are 'clumsy, wasteful, blundering low and horribly cruel'.
is a stimulating collection by Stephen Jay Gould, a paleontologist, evolutionary biologist and natural historian whose journalistic essays mix science, storytelling, opinion and a sprinkling of humor somewhat in the manner of Montaigne.
Schullery, a natural historian and Yellowstone expert, provides a brief biographical introduction to each chapter and numerous maps, sketches and photographs are included throughout.
Wealthy natural historian Vincent Weir set up the Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) in 1975 as his own pet conservation project.
Using the very latest in filming technology, our natural historian extraordinaire discovers the secret of their success.
The man with the imposing name, Charles Codrington Pressick Hobkirk - usually known as plain Charles P - was Huddersfield's pioneer natural historian.
A renowned natural historian and author of many works on plant and animal life, he based his studies on the observation of local wildlife in the Kingham area of West Oxfordshire.

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