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Q. Will drinking make me a handsome hero? My friend who is working in the movie making corporation told me that the secret behind the heroes & heroines is ‘drinking’. Will drinking make me a handsome hero?

A. this is completely false. drinking will not make you a handsome hero.

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Officials said a meeting in this regard was held recently at the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development and specific instructions will be issued to schools and colleges for the celebration of birth anniversaries of these national heroes.
has appreciated role of Chairman PCB for asking national heroes to pledge against corruption which is rampant in the society.
Police clash with demonstrators outside parliament in Kiev, Ukraine, as deputies repeatedly voted down proposals to officially recognize a |contentious WWII-era partisan group as national heroes.
In the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Jashan-e-Azadi preparation is gaining momentum as the vendors have set up stalls for the sale of colourful buntings, national flags, banners and picture of national heroes.
National heroes understand that democracy will bring others to prominence.
Stating that the party was not against installing statues of national heroes, Congress said, but it was against "overdoing" it.
Czech online punters will surely be looking forward to their local market-makers tackling some of the national sports that the foreign boys have been oddly slow to price up - like cycle ball, which you'll warmly remember was long dominated by Czech national heroes the Pospisil brothers, Jin and Jan, who were world champions 20 times between 1965 and 1988.
The Institute of Jamaican Nationals held their 46th annual gala dinner at Aston Villa to celebrate their country's national heroes, while creating a few of their own local ones.
Opening of Jewish Synagogue Museum, National Heroes Gallery, Arlington House Museum and Zagat 2008 to name a few.
I recently spent time in Ireland and toured round to see how they promote their col ourful history and are proud to name streets and buildings after their national heroes - they would never ban the flag of a hero like Owain Glyndr.
THE great thing about books such as Alun Roberts' new tome Welsh National Heroes is that everyone's got an opinion.
RUGBY players Gareth Edwards and Barry John have been denied a place in a new list of Wales's top 60 national heroes.

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