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National Health Service. Launched in 1948, the NHS has grown to become the largest publicly funded healthcare system in the world. It is run by the UK Department of Health and politically accountable to central Government. The NHS provides free care to all eligible individuals living in any of the four countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). The NHS (which includes Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, NHS [England], NHS Scotland, and NHS Wales) is the fourth largest employer in the world (after the Chinese Army, Wal-Mart and the Indian Railways).


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NHS (Scotland)

National Health Service

British medicine The 50+-yr-old UK government agency that controls the British form of socialized medicine. See Fund holding, Total purchasing.
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The National Health Strategy, comprising 39 projects, is a partnership of SCH, Hamad Medical Corporation and Primary Healthcare Corporation, and in collaboration with more than 50 organisations.
With nearly 10,000 providers, the National Health Service Corps has nearly tripled since 2008.
They ignore the fact that people in countries with strong national health care systems are healthier (as measured by life expectancy, infant mortality, and other indicators) than countries such as the United States, without such programs.
These include the medical vocabulary SNOMED CT, a key clinical language standard needed for a national health information infrastructure, that can be downloaded free for use in the United States through HHS' National Library of Medicine.
1) During the 1980s, Israelis turned increasingly to the private sector, and private payments for health increased from 20 to about 31 percent of national health spending, while government financing decreased from 45 to 21 percent.
Jose Lozano is a founding member of the Texas chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, an organization of health professionals advocating single payer reform.
In turn, there is to be a new, seven-member National Health Board, which through an elaborate bureaucracy evaluates, oversees, and regulates all other elements of the system: the alliances; those paying for the plans (employers, the self-employed, the government); those delivering services (basically HMOs and a handful of struggling free-lance doctors and hospitals); and patients.
They must consider not only the federal deficit, but also how much their constituents are willing to pay to receive national health care.
Like Canada, it is a virtual laboratory of national health insurance for the United States.
The common stock of National Health Investors trades on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol NHI.
Standard & Poor's today lowered its corporate credit rating on National Health Investors Inc.
But given the questionable sites out there, it's small wonder that a recent National Health Foundation survey found widespread distrust of the Net's health information among California residents, even as more and more people look there for additional advice.

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