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National Health Service. Launched in 1948, the NHS has grown to become the largest publicly funded healthcare system in the world. It is run by the UK Department of Health and politically accountable to central Government. The NHS provides free care to all eligible individuals living in any of the four countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). The NHS (which includes Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, NHS [England], NHS Scotland, and NHS Wales) is the fourth largest employer in the world (after the Chinese Army, Wal-Mart and the Indian Railways).


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NHS (Scotland)

National Health Service

British medicine The 50+-yr-old UK government agency that controls the British form of socialized medicine. See Fund holding, Total purchasing.
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From the Ministry the contract was signed by Dr Faisal Rifaq, Director Technical, Prime Minister's National Health Program while from Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal the contract was signed by Malik Mohammd Arshad, Director Programmes and from State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan the contract was signed by Nadeem Bessey, Executive Director Health Insurance.
The meeting was attended by Secretary National Health Services, Director General Health, Chairman State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan along with his team and team from NADRA and Punjab Health Initiative Management Company.
The ACT Government supports a system where our high quality government health services are delivered alongside those of non-government organisations, and the expansion of the National Health Co-op in Canberra since the first clinic opened in West Belconnen in 2010 is a great example of what partnerships between private enterprise and the community can accomplish, Mr Corbell said.
The National Health Strategy, comprising 39 projects, is a partnership of SCH, Hamad Medical Corporation and Primary Healthcare Corporation, and in collaboration with more than 50 organisations.
They ignore the fact that people in countries with strong national health care systems are healthier (as measured by life expectancy, infant mortality, and other indicators) than countries such as the United States, without such programs.
It's estimated that a national health information network could save about $140 billion a year through improved care and reduced duplication of medical tests, Thompson said.
Jose Lozano is a founding member of the Texas chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, an organization of health professionals advocating single payer reform.
Jesse Jackson, have clamored for a national health care system, or at the very least, reforms making medical treatment more affordable.
By plunging into the basic issues of implementation it is hoped that American health reformers will learn more about the Australian and Canadian health systems than through a comparative analysis of national health insurance systems.
On the plus side, they point out that "our neighbors to the north" spend only 9 percent of their GNP on a tax-financed national health program, yet everybody is covered, from the wealthiest businesswoman to the poorest, unemployed IV-drug user.
The common stock of National Health Investors trades on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol NHI.
ISLAMABAD -- State Minister for National Health Services, Regulations and

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