National Correct Coding Initiative

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Na·tion·al Cor·rect Cod·ing I·ni·tia·tive

(NCCI) (nash'ŏ-năl kŏr-ekt' kōd'ing in-ish'ă-tiv)
Software used by health care providers and insurers in the Medicare system to prevent overpayment for procedures.
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The interim rates, which remain in effect until December 31, 2003, resulted from the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edit by CMS that significantly reduced the amount of reimbursement previously paid by Medicare for services involving automated imaging.
The National Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) module consistently applies national standards for physician billing and coding practices for all workers' compensation medical bills.
The use of Pathways Compliance Advisor will leverage the system's ability to fully screen the organization's Medicare+Choice physician encounter information to ensure its compliance with the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) as well as other Medicare coding policies.
In addition, Epic clients can also choose to implement the National Correct Coding Initiative Edits as an additional means of assuring Medicare compliance.

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