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(nā′thənz), Daniel 1928-1999.
American microbiologist. He shared a 1978 Nobel Prize for the discovery of restriction enzymes and their application to molecular genetics.
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Carl Dillon of Moore Stephens Nathans, 83 South Mall, Cork City as Examiner to React Energy Plc, Reforce Energy Limited, Grass Door Limited, Enfield Biomass Limited, Newry Biomass Limited and Plymouth Biomass Limited (hereinafter referred to as the ''Companies'').
A terrific family business & EZ to add Nathans Hot Dogs as part of franchise.
Author Benjamin Nathans focuses on Moyn and Eckel's argument that the 1970s human rights "boom" was due to the implosion of earlier utopian projects and applies it to the internal politics of the Soviet Union, attempting to build a dialogue between the global and local processes of history.
According to the lawsuit, Offerman was hit by a pitch, charged the mound and hit catcher Jonathan Nathans and pitcher Matt Beech.
On The Record was McCoy's second ride of the afternoon at the Staffordshire track after Zip Wire had failed to trouble the judge in the 32Red Casino Novices' Hurdle won by Nathans Pride.
com)-- NextLevel, a Pacific Northwest-based regional professional services firm, today announced it has appointed Bob Carroll, Joe Nathans and Robert Zonneveld as partners of the firm's Seattle practice.
The most impressive thing about Nathans performance was that it was a solo effort.
although the race failed to pan out to her advantage, to be beaten less than eight lengths behind the potentially very smart Nathans Pride was a highly meritorious effort.
The suit, made by London's costumiers, Bermans 'n' Nathans, was given to a British member of the production team after the filming of 'Superman IV: The Quest For Peace' in 1987, the Daily Express reported.
Amos and Nathans demonstrate that ordinary Soviet people and Communist leaders employed claims of human rights, rather than ignore them as mere bourgeois illusions.
Recycling company Nathans sell clothes to WM Armstrong, a chain of three upmarket secondhand clothes shops in the capital.
Hertfordshire and Northumberland councils have struck deals with recycling giants Nathans Wastesavers and Cookstown Recycling to run banks.