Narrative Medicine

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An emerging clinical discipline that studies patient narrative phenomena as a platform for improving interactions between doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, and other caregivers
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She argues that the fields of narrative medicine and the medical humanities can make their claims about the significance of the voice of the patient merely because that claim poses no real threat to capitalist medicine.
Narrative medicine has been embraced by many of the most highly respected research and teaching institutions in the US, from the MS in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University to the Program in Narrative Medicine at Temple University's Lewis Katz School of Medicine, to the Narrative Medicine for Excellence Project at the College of William & Mary.
Narrative based medicine (NBM) or narrative medicine is an approach to clinical practice medicine that seeks to promote empathy, reflection, professionalism and trustworthiness.
Narrative knowledge" is the term used by narrative medicine pioneer and medical educator, Dr.
Hutto, Nicolle Brancazio, and Jarrah Aubourg offers an insightful overview of Narrative Medicine and Narrative Practice with the aim to lend those practices a strong philosophical support.
This commentary offers a tribute to Howard's professional life and his contributions to family and narrative medicine.
But more fruitfully in utilizing alter egos to reflect upon and fictionalize some of his real life experiences, Roth engages in an aspect of narrative medicine, a field championed by Rita Charon.
Narrative medicine integrates these competencies while enriching the experience for both the patient and (future) physician.
Reading bodies, writing bodies: Self-reflection and cultural criticism in a narrative medicine curriculum.
FEBRUARY 22-23: BASTYR UNIVERSITY presents THE ART & PRACTICE OF NARRATIVE MEDICINE in Kenmore, Washington (near Seattle).
Books on doctoring and narrative medicine are also requested by faculty and used in their courses.