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Earlier, the trial court had permitted Delhi Police to conduct a narco test on Ghandy, after an investigating agency contended that it had not been able to collect all information from him despite the use of scientific methods of interrogation.
Earlier on October 20, the Special Cell had filed an application before Chief Judicial Magistrate Kaveri Baweja seeking the narco analysis test on Ghandy, arguing that he was not cooperating with the police due to which it was getting difficult for them to carry out their investigation.
The report claims that several police forces across the world have found narco tests as unreliable means to find truth.
Gupta had in May taken refuge in the SC verdict to escape a narco test by the Rajasthan Anti- Terrorism Squad ( ATS).
But now Sadhvi Prayga has gone through four rounds of the narco test, though the ATS says that only one test carried out in three different stages, the fact is that she was subjected to medicines three times for the test.
And in September that year, it failed to chargesheet the domestic helps, too, citing lack of concrete evidence to prove their guilt even after conducting narco and other tests.
A narco test of the ATS should be done to find out who is working behind them," Vijay Kumar Malhotra, senior BJP leader.
The President knows firsthand how important that trade is, not only for commercial reasons, but also as a way to help fight against narco trafficking, provide opportunities for people in his country.
Though the CBI has been allowed to subject the Talwars to narco analysis, the links of investigation need to be correctly matched," Gautam said.
The move could show the probe agency in poor light because it had not felt necessary to conduct a narco test on Talwar while he was in prison.
NARCO is seeking court approval of a $20 million debtor in possession financing facility, which NARCO believes will provide adequate capital to meet its ongoing obligations to its customers, vendors and employees.