Napoleon Complex

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A popular term for the inferiority complex that short men (under 5’9') in society are commonly assumed to possess, which causes them—at least per theory—to overcompensate by trying harder than men of average height (5’10') in life’s activities
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Some say Qatar has a Napoleonic complex, others say it has an Islamist agenda.
To be fair, MacArthur's larger-than-life image and Napoleonic complex made anyone with whom he interacted seem pragmatic, which inevitably resulted in President Truman occupying the role of the "straight man" in their relationship.
Simon is the pint-sized neurotic, the songwriting genius with a Napoleonic complex.
To say that Hogg harbored a Napoleonic complex is to allege an apparent shortcoming in order to reveal his visionary genius.
Brainwashed, hypnotized, or just a venal little weasel with a Napoleonic complex feebly trying to take down the most compassionate Administration in the nation's history with a tapestry of falsehoods, prevarications, and perjurious distortions.
For example, in addition to being born with monocular vision, Falcon is dwarfish, symbolic of his Napoleonic complex, and his entire body is covered by tattoos.
Some say Qatar has a Napoleonic complex, others say it has an Islamist agenda EoACA* I cannot think of a specific interest that the country is pursuing through its expanding role EoACA* Its Arab Spring policy seems to be policy for policy's sake.