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M., 20th-century Egyptian surgeon. See: Salah sternal puncture needle.
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Flanked by supporters who raised slogans in his favour, the cleric conducted the evening namaz at the mosque.
As far as women offering Namaz is concerned, they cannot offer Namaz along with the Imam.
The media is requested to use mosque, if it is referred to as the place for Namaz, regardless of namizis (Shia or Sunni).
Otherwise wazu (ablution before offering namaz) shall not be valid and when wazu is not right then namaz shall also not be valid," the seminary said.
For their part, members of the Iranian delegation expressed the desire of Namaz Hospital to provide support for the Syrian side to start liver transplant.
The chador namaz is a long, billowing dress in black or sombre-patterned fabric which is widely worn in Iran.
Agroup of unidentified men had tried to force their way into the Tughlaq- era monument to offer namaz on June 13 which had led to police deployment then.
Airtel prepaid customers across West Bengal are now able to use their mobile phones to listen to holy recitals of Namaz, Naad, Hidayat and much more and experience LIVE Namaz from the shrine at Mecca by just dialing 552786 on a one time activation charge of Rs.
They come and remind us again and again to pray namaz," The Express Tribune quoted a man who fled Malkani and ended up at the Badin flood camp, as saying.
Holy Month of Ramadan was started with namaz Tarovekh, which was recited yesterday during evening prayer.
A large number of Punjab Assembly members, politicians and notables of the area attended his Namaz e Janaza.