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the large, 3 ft (1 m) high, 10 ft (3 m) long, yellow and black vertically striped cat. Called also Panthera tigris.

tiger heart
the striped and mottled myocardium of young cattle affected by a malignant form of foot-and-mouth disease.
tiger snake
tan to olive, with creamy yellow cross bands, venomous Australian snake. Envenomation is characterized by muscular weakness, flaccid paralysis, pupillary dilatation, restlessness, myoglobinuria, and a high serum creatine phosphokinase. Called also Notechis scutatus. Western tiger snake is called Notechis scutatus occidentalis.
tiger stripe
see reticulated leukotrichia.
tiger stripe colon
the striking lesion of parallel lines of hemorrhages and congestion in the colon of cattle with rinderpest, acute mucosal disease and bovine malignant catarrhal fever. Called also zebra marks.
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He said, Nalwa was a great nationalist who built many towns, gardens and shrines of all religions when he served as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Peshawar and Hazara, which is now in Pakistan.
That was why Hari Singh Nalwa and after his death, in 1837, Avitabile were given a considerable free hand in the discharge of their administrative responsibilities.
Close to this haveli is the haveli of Hari Singh Nalwa ( another famed Sikh warrior) and the grave of Maha Singh ( father of Ranjit Singh), which are also in a pathetic condition," the historian said.
Carbon Nanoparticles: Benefits and Risks for Human Health in Nanotoxicology, Interactions of Nanomaterials with Biological Systems, edite par Zhao Y, Nalwa HS, American Scientific Publishers, pp: 167-180.
But, get the substrate texture and the solution-based coating just right, "and we're getting more power out," said Kanwar Singh Nalwa, a graduate student in electrical and computer engineering and a student associate of the Ames Laboratory.
Zhao (The Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Nalwa (Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) collect 16 state-of-the-art review chapters on the risks and implications of exposure to nanomaterials, especially potential dangers of nanoparticles to human health and safety and the environment.
Tenders are invited for New ht power supply with contract demand of 354 kva and connected load of 398 kw at gat no 72 for sewage tretment plant of water supply at nalwa
Auction are invited for Commercial premises third floor consisting of four room admeasuring 975sq ft of property bearing no mpl no 2064 ward no xvi plot khasra no 465 block g gali no 38 39 hari singh nalwa street naiwala karol bagh new delhi 110005 in name of shri yashwant h vaishnav and shri bhawin n shah