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Karl W. von, Swiss botanist, 1817-1891. See: micelle.
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The oligodynamic effect of metals on biological systems (including the antimicrobial properties) was already described in 1893 by Nageli (Nageli 1893).
The reception of pangenesis by the scientific community was decidedly mixed, although it inspired the work of scientists such as De Vries, von Nageli, Weisman, Brooks, Spencer, and even Darwin's own cousin Francis Galton, as we will see later (Kampourakis, 2012).
In an 1817 article in the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung, the composer, critic, and publisher Hans Georg Nageli predicted a new era of lied composition that would be characterized by "an as of yet unrecognized polyrhythm, so that the rhythm of speech, singing, and playing will be subsumed into a higher artistic whole" (Hans Georg Nageli, "Die Liederkunst," Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung 45 [1817]: 765-66) .
Malacrida F, Hegglin D, Bacciarini L, Otranto D, Nageli F, Nageli C, et al.
She also held a very special place in her heart for Roberto's granddaughter Nageli.
Couldip Basanta Lala, Founder and Technical Director, International Financial Services Ltd, Mr Beat Nageli, Member of the Board of Directors, ABN Amro Switzerland and affiliated companies, Mr John Paul Thwaytes, Founder-Chairman , Options Direct (Europe) Ltd.
Nageli in Nageli & Cramer, 1858 [Liagorophila] [dagger]
For all strains of the genus Stichococcus Nageli (Chlorophyta) tested, the value of the yield parameter was significantly higher after incubation at constant humidity above 60% than in the desiccated state (paired t-tests with [alpha]=0.
Regarding these later developments one might again wish to refer to further influences, such as Karl Wilhelm von Nageli and Ernst Haeckel.
Dreh- und Angelpunkt ist dabei der im Verlag bei Hans Georg Nageli in Zurich 1801 erschienene Erstdruck des Wohltemperierten Klaviers (Teil 1) von Johann Sebastian Bach.
from metal pipes and vessels, and the term 'oligodynamic effect', was coined in 1893 by Nageli to emphasise that this phenomenon occurs at extremely low metal ion concentrations (13).