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Martin, German anatomist and physician, 1675-1721. See: nabothian cyst, follicle.
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His wife, ashamed of the scorn bestowed upon her powerful husband, killed Naboth and gave the King his property.
In the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth shall dogs lick thy blood, even thine.
The episode of the vineyard of Naboth that is related in I Kings 21 elucidates many of the themes found both in the prophecy of popular prophets and classical prophets.
NABOTH OWINO This new constitution will be a tool for wiping out c o r r u p t i o n which has eaten up the fabric of our country for many years.
King Ahab and his co-conspirator Jezebel qualify as "bloodthirsty and deceitful" evildoers who are clearly adversaries of Naboth in their quest for his land that eventually requires his life.
The historian Naboth Winsor called the societies "the heart and strength of the Methodist movement.
then forces two men to testify that a landowner named Naboth has disavowed God and the King.
See also Naboth van den Broek, 'Power Paradoxes in Enforcement and Implementation of World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Reports: Interdisciplinary Approaches and New Proposals' (2003) 37 Journal of World Trade 127 at 147.
She was supposedly responsible for killing off the hapless Naboth, just so Ahab could have a good vegetable garden (1 Kgs 21).
Hazleton dismisses as a fabrication Jezebel's clumsy yet successful scheme to do away with Naboth, the owner of a vineyard Ahab covets.
In "God and Power, Prophets, and Native Lands," Joerg Rieger draws a parallel between the story of Ahab, Naboth, and Elijah and the history of European expropriation of Native American lands to critique the readiness of U.
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