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relative position, rank, or concentration.
l's of care the six divisions of the health care system: preventive care, primary care, secondary or acute care, tertiary care, restorative care, and continuing care.
background level the usual intensity of a chemical or other stimulus in the environment.
confidence level the probability that a confidence interval does not contain the population parameter.
l's of consciousness see levels of consciousness.
lowest observed adverse effect level (LOAEL) (lowest observed effect level (LOEL)) in studies of the toxicity of chemicals, the lowest dosage level at which chronic exposure to the substance shows adverse effects; usually calculated for laboratory animals.
no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) (no observed effect level (NOEL)) in studies of the toxicity of chemicals, the highest dosage level at which chronic exposure to the substance shows no adverse effects; usually calculated for laboratory animals.
level of significance a statistical measure that serves as the cutoff point used to determine whether a null hypothesis is retained or rejected; the probability of incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis (see Type I error).
sterility assurance level (SAL) the probability that a process makes something sterile (see sterilization). An SAL of 10−6 is the recommended probability of survival for organisms on a sterilized device. This level means that there is less than or equal to one chance in a million that an item remains contaminated or nonsterile.

no observed adverse effect level



The greatest known concentration of a substance that, after testing, has failed to harm plants or animals.


n ‘no-observed-adverse-effect-level,’ the maximum concentration of a substance that is found to have no adverse effects upon the test subject.
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Indeed, even pollutants that don't have a NOAEL may have nonlinear effects at low doses, notes Bernard Weiss of the University of Rochester (N.
None of the reported blood mercury levels were at or near the NOAELs from the Seychelles (Davidson et al.
015 ppb was calculated from the NOAEL of 25 ppb (adjusted from 25 ppb under discontinuous experimental exposure to 8 ppb under postulated continuous exposure) and uncertainty factors of 3X for interspecies extrapolation, 10X for intraspecies sensitivity, and 10X for database deficiencies.
So the BMDL can be more protective than the NOAEL, based on the chemicals we tested," says Rusyn.
Array of batch-calculated BMDLs for the critical effects observed in studies of nitroguanidine compared with the IRIS NOAEL and RfD (A), and array of batch-calculated BMDs for selected chemicals compared with RfDs and PODs reported in human health assessments (B).
These effects occurred at doses of TFZ that are below the established NOAEL in rodents and within the range of estimated human exposure.
2002), the NOAEL, and high doses known for adverse reproductive and developmental effects in animal studies (Moore et al.
In a similar study with a combination of PPL-100 and Ritonavir (a "boosting" agent), the NOAEL was observed at a ratio of 6:1 for the drugs (1000:167 mg/kg/day), being well within acceptable limits for these compounds.
In addition, we compared human exposure guidelines [generally referred to as reference doses (RfDs) in our article] resulting from using the SNCD, the BMD, and the NOAEL as PODs.
The authors investigated the risk associated with the traditional PoD used in human health risk assessment, the no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL), and used a new approach based on the signal-to-noise crossover dose (SNCD) to compare the SNCD and SNCD-based reference dose (RfD) with PoDs and RfDs based on the NOAEL and benchmark dose (BMD) approaches.
RESULTS: The median risk at the NOAEL was approximately 10%, and the default uncertainty factor (UF = 100) was considered most applicable to the [(BMDL).