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Muscle strengthening is just one way that NMES may benefit those unable to exercise voluntarily.
In the NMES method, various administration methods are seen in studies such as treatment time being between 20 and 60 minutes applied 3 to 5 days a week or consecutive administration for 3-4 weeks with 10-20 sessions of treatment each (3).
Elli metre yurume suresi yuzde degisimi acisindan NMES tedavisi alan ve almayan grup arasinda istatistiksel olarak anlamli fark bulundu (p=0,018), NMES alan grupta iyilesmenin daha fazla oldugu tespit edildi.
Keywords in this release: functional genomics, encoded proteins, therapeutic targets, sequence homology, neuropsychiatry, cardiovascular medicine, endocrinology, oncology, combinatorial chemistry, combichem, compound library, new molecular entities, NME, high-throughput screening, HTS, accelerator mass spectrometry, microdosing, animal/ex vivo models, human drug absorption, HDA, Enterion capsule, pharmacokinetic data, PK data, absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion data, ADME data.
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