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a transcription factor that regulates cytokine gene transcription. NF-κB is a target of glucocorticoid action.


A pleiotropic transcription factor present in most cell types, which is involved in many biological processes such as inflammation, immunity, differentiation, cell growth, tumourigenesis and apoptosis. It forms a homo- or heterodimeric complex with Rel-like domain-containing proteins RELA/p65, RELB, NFKB1/p105, NFKB1/p50, REL and NFKB2/p52, binding the kappa-B sites in the DNA of their target genes. Individual dimers have distinct preferences for different kappa-B sites, binding with distinct affinity and specificity; different dimer combinations act as transcriptional activators or repressors.

NF-kappaB is controlled by various mechanisms of post-translational modification and subcellular compartmentalisation, as well as by interactions with other cofactors or co-repressors. NF-kappaB complexes are held in the cytoplasm in an inactive state, complexed with members of the NF-kappaB inhibitor (I-kappa-B) family. In conventional activation, I-kappa-B is phosphorylated by I-kappa-B kinases (IKKs) in response to different activators and subsequently degraded, liberating the active NF-kappaB complex, which translocates to the nucleus.
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They used mice bred without the receptor that detects TNF-a, and they used mice that didn't have the gene for NF-kB in the olfactory stem cells.
Afterward, the membranes were blocked in 5% skimmed milk (5% BSA for phosphorylated p65) for 2 h at room temperature, followed by incubation together anti-NF-KB (p65) (1:300, SC-109, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, USA), anti-p NF-KB (p-p65) (1:300, SC-33020, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, USA) and GAPDH primary antibodies (1:10000, Bioworld Technology, Inc.
This randomized trial demonstrates that AT [sub]1 R antagonist valsartan reduces cardio-cerebral thrombotic events in elderly patients with hypertension, by inhibiting platelet activity through attenuating Ang II-induced COX-2/TXA [sub]2 expression via p38MAPK and NF-kB pathways.
The rejuvenated skin returned to its elderly look after about two weeks because the action of bleach on NF-kB is mild, and diminishes with time.
Analysis of their possible relationship to changes in NF-kB activation levels and in IAP gene expression Cancer Letters.
En los ratones en los que se activo el NF-kB, se encontraron deficiencias en sus capacidades mentales, menor resistencia muscular, adelgazamiento de la piel, perdida de masa osea, deterioro del cartilago de la cola y muerte prematura.
When TRAF3 evades attack, it turns that same destructive mechanism against NIK, a protein that is central to NF-kB activity, by tagging it with ubiquitins.
The research team discovered that increased activity of the alternative NF-kB pathway results from suppression of TNF receptor-associated factor 2, or TRAF2.
The team identified that telomerase directly regulates the production of inflammatory molecules that are expressed by NF-kB, a known master regulator of chronic inflammation.
CRP is a potent risk factor for heart disease, and NF-kB is a molecular signal that activates inflammation.
In vitro and in vivo research showed ParActin inhibited NF-kB activity and reduced significantly the DNA binding of NF-kappaB.