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The list then moves to the Home Grown Cereals Authority which is, of course, not a quango but an NDPB and therefore not a burden on the UK tax payer.
Also potential for small demand from Architecture & Design Scotland, a NDPB.
The successful firm should ideally be experienced in the following areas:- The corporate governance, duties and responsibilities of public sector agencies, in particular NDPBs and Local Authorities;- Scottish, UK & EU Natural Heritage and Countryside Legislation, and relevant case law and its interpretation;- Scottish, UK and EU environmental and other relevant case law and its interpretation;- Provision of advice on interpretation of new environmental and other relevant legislation;- Scottish Planning law;- Planning Appeals, Inquiries and Hearings;- Scottish Outdoor Access Law;- Land Management Agreements.
The size of the Consumer Council Board will also be reduced to levels consistent with the size of the Boards of many other NDPBs.