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abbreviation for nanocurie.


A gene on chromosome 2q31.1 that encodes chimerin 1, a GTPase-activating protein for ras-related p21-rac and a phorbol ester receptor. It is predominantly expressed in neurones and plays a key role in neuronal signal transduction.

Molecular pathology
CHN1 mutations are linked to Duane’s retraction syndrome type 2.
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Although the teams have helped these countries to build NCS compliant systems, members also believe they benefited.
The ability to integrate a NCS with the Freeset DCT1900 in-building wireless phone system can produce tremendous improvements in staff efficiency and thereby ultimately improve working conditions in healthcare facilities.
NovaNET was selected as the number one Curriculum Software Choice for the Comprehensive Courseware Category, Grades 9-12, while NCS Learn's SuccessMaker program took the same title for Grades K-3.
We're excited to partner with NCS Pearson, and to provide ongoing maintenance and support of their market leading application," says Tom Underwood, President of Paragon Solutions.
We believe that the combining of our access to the nuclear cardiology market with the top PET scanner from Positron will allow NCS to provide dedicated PET technology with the ability to address the acute diagnostic needs of cardiologists.
According to Mike Morache, president of NCS Pearson's Education Software and Services business, "K-12 districts no longer have to forsake functionality to either participate in an ASP solution or use the Internet.
NCS is one of the leading commercial testing and educational services companies in the United States.