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In Samsung s CTF-based NAND flash architecture, an electric charge is temporarily placed in a holding chamber of the non-conductive layer of flash that is composed of silicon nitride (SiN), instead of using a floating gate to prevent interference between neighboring cells.
Toshiba expects demand for NAND flash memories for use in smartphones and personal computers to maintain its strong growth.
The high growth that is forecast for PCs and smartphones, the drivers of global market demand for NAND flash memory, is however expected to improve the balance between supply and demand in the current July to September quarter, the company said.
Toshiba plans to expand the BENAND lineup to include 24nm process NAND flash memory products after summer 2012.
Taiwan's industry executives are watching closely whether Micron will transfer its NAND Flash technology to Nanya and Inotera to help them switch from the money-losing DRAM manufacturing for the profitable NAND Flash manufacturing.
Previously, when NAND Flash memory was controlled using the SATA format, it was necessary to have a Flash memory controller IC and an SATA converter IC, but the new GBDriver RS1 performs both functions with a single chip.
Samsung said while the 60nm NAND flash memory features a 2KB page size, the 51nm 16GB version is able to process data in 4KB pages, almost doubling the data rate.
As mass storage requirements grow, managed NAND flash will be increasingly used in mobile phones or in other portable devices.
NAND flash is also the preferred storage medium for USB flash drives used for data exchange between PCs and notebooks or sophisticated USB-drives featuring MP3-player or integrated Digital Still Cameras.
NAND flash is attractive to cell phone designers because of its low cost per bit, and this new wider configuration helps increase overall system performance by speeding data retrieval operations," said Brian Kumagai, business development manager, NAND Flash, for Toshiba America Electronic Components.
Ed Cuellar, SanDisk marketing director, said, "These NAND flash chips represent the most advanced and cost-effective flash component on the market today.
The standard will help enable the design of interoperable systems that can support Asynchronous SDR, Synchronous DDR and Toggle DDR NAND flash devices.