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nadis (näˑ·ds), according to yoga, the complex network of pathways or channels through which prana (life energy) passes through the physical body. Several yoga postures, pranayama techniques, and sounds are employed to open and balance the energy flow through the nadis. See also prana and pranayama.
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This has hardly been a glorious week in Caledonian history, but a local winner at the Gold Cup meeting always goes down well with Ayr regulars and Los Nadis can provide one in the finale at 5.
Los Nadis ran well behind a Mark Prescott hotpot on the Flat and it cost him, but he'll go back on the Flat at Ayr next month.
A toxin is produced as a result of breakdown in the rumen of an amino acid present in high levels in lush forage, says Nadis vet, Mike Howe.
While the Shaver stories amused some as good yarns and infuriated others as outrageous nonsense," Nadis recounts, "Shaver's paranoid vision beckoned to many as genuine.
In The Man from Mars (Tarcher/Penguin), historian Fred Nadis tells Palmer's outrageous life story and parses how his obsessions "shaped the sensibility of an underground community.
00) can make the most of a fitness advantage over Aintree winner Cloudy Lane in the hunter chase, but we are saving the best for last in the shape of LOS NADIS, who is napped in the 4.
Familiar face Los Nadis, who drops in class after finishing down the field behind Trustan Times in Haydock's Grade 3 Fixed Brush Hurdle, is having his 25th run at Musselburgh.
Brian Ellison's Pumboo can jump his rivals ragged JIM GOLDIE pulled off a remarkable one-two-three in the William Hill Scottish Cup at Musselburgh, led by the Lee Newman-ridden course specialist Los Nadis.
Yau (mathematics, Harvard) and Nadis, a science writer and editor at Astronomy magazine, describe Yau's explorations into mathematics and his discovery of hidden six-dimensional shapes called Calabi-Yau manifolds, their features, the math that led to their discovery, the reasons string theorists find them intriguing, and whether they hold the key to the universe.
Peter Monteith is another trainer hoping for better things after Los Nadis, under Lee, made it two out of three over jumps when taking the Juvenile Novices' Hurdle.
Ian Gill, from NADIS, will present latest information on liver fluke and bluetongue.
Kristin Nadis added 14 points, seven rebounds and five steals for the Musketeers (7-1).