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adj interchangeable; reciprocal; joint.
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Mutuals have capitalization and admittance requirements as do stock companies.
While farms were historically the backbones to most mutuals, the operation of farming has changed over the years.
Best assesses the state of the mutual life marketplace, noting the bifurcation in the market between the remaining largest mutual life companies and the smaller mutual life companies.
As top executives and directors of several mutuals develop their long-term strategic plans, they quietly are realizing that they might be better positioned for the future if they go forward as part of a larger entity, rather than continuing solo.
Mutuals need to be at least as efficient as stock companies.
Of the three mutuals that intend to tap into that kind of bonanza this year, Newark, N.
As the medical-malpractice market has evolved, a key reason for specialty insurers to remain mutuals has dissipated.
While people have been sustaining huge losses in the market for years, we have a no-load mutual fund that selects the best funds out of the entire universe using the world's first patent-pending mutual fund selection process" says Eric Mc Donald, President of MUTUALS.
Third Federal Savings and Loan, MHC, today announced the formation of its Mutual Partnership Program.
He said the Bliley amendment would encourage mutuals to move to states with the least-stringent regulation--a kind of "race to the bottom.
A new no-load mutual fund, the Vice Fund, begins its first day of operations today, Sept.

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