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muti (mōōˑ·tē),

n in African healing traditions, animal parts, herbs, or barks with medicinal value.
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See, for example, the following newspaper reports of muthi (both spellings are used) killings among the many that have appeared during the past year alone: 'Muti house of horror' (Daily News 04 February 2011:3), 'Three held after man killed for body parts' (Sunday Tribune 06 February 2011:4), 'Mutilated body indicates muti killing' (The Mercury 02 August 2011:4) and 'Relatives cheer as muti killer is jailed' (The Mercury 29 November 2011:5).
To address the gap in trials capacity, MUTHI launched the inaugural Clinical Trials Workshop in Cape Town in November 2011.
a patient taking this muthi will enjoy better health, evident in an increased body weight (in the case of HIV/AIDS), and less frequent visits to healers/doctors.
At present there is Nagrota camp, Purkhoo camp, Mishriwala camp, Muthi phase one camp.
Khona eMthwalume la ngibuye khona From Mthwalume where I come from Umfula engiwuphuzayo phezulu enhla I drink from this river's nawo fountain Wakhuluma nazo ngempela Talk to them, about who has umthakathi wentombi bewitched a girl Engayithumela ngezizwe Because I bewitched the maiden with hysteria with muthi Engazinikwa abasenyangeni Which I was given by the ngangayizeka inyangas, but I did not marry her Bangihlawulisa ngibathengile They punished me although I paid them Indumandumane phela edume The one who is famous because of ngothando emantombazaneni.
Tenders are invited for Electric repairs in Govt Quarters Ahatta Muthi Old and New Jammu on the eve of Darbar Move 2015 including stairs with effect from 25-10-2015 to 15-11-2015 Group 2
Tenders are invited for Face lifting by way of White Washing, Colour Washing and Distempering in block 2 4 6 Roop Nagar Muthi Jammu.
Tenders are invited for Supply of RBM for filling at Muthi (Auqaf Marshy land)
Tenders are invited for Internal Electrification of 3- Bed Room Flats at Muthi 3 Blocks G Plus 11 of 24 units each
Village abadies of Village Muthi damaged during flood of 2014 R/Sof river Jallalia, Repairing of low level revetment with launching apron of Village Pahariur damaged during flood of 2014 on L/S of River Ujh,
Tenders are invited for Internal Electrification of 3 Bed Room Flats at Muthi 3 Blocks G plus 11 of 24 units each