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muti (mōōˑ·tē),

n in African healing traditions, animal parts, herbs, or barks with medicinal value.
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The EVM capability is now supported with the Nortel CallPilot Unified Messaging portfolio and includes Mutare Software's EVM gateway and SpinVox Speech-to-Text messaging service.
Marshall Munhumumwe and Never Mutare were original members of Mapfumo's Blacks Unlimited before they formed The Four Brothers.
Mutare is still charming -- but it is definitely losing some of its shine.
The water pipeline will extend from the Pungwe River to Mutare, in eastern Zimbabwe, a city under major water supply problems because of recurrent droughts.
Shuah Mudiwa, member of parliament for Mutare West, and Elia Jembere of Epworth, were arrested outside parliament on Monday.
MAS Technology has previously supplied equipment for the NRZ Harare to the Mutare railway upgrade project.
Since its formation, ZBS has committed more than Z$300m to low and middle-income housing projects in such places as Harare, Marondera, Chinhoyi, Bulawayo and Mutare.
To date, two quarterly steering committee meetings were held and the third quarterly steering committee meeting is scheduled for 11-12 September at Mutare Holiday Inn.
In Mutare, the HIV Prevention Project has trained 78 peer educators, comprising 38 women who were previously engaged in prostitution and 40 men from private companies, security firms, the local prison and the Zimbabwe National Army.
To implement this strategy, the company has formed a new subsidiary, MUTARE, Inc.
The project will support the restoration and stabilization of water in Chitungwiza, Mutare, Masvingo, Kwekwe and Chegutu.
This involves specifically the electricity supply to critical social infrastructure facilities and to the inhabitants of the seven targeted areas of Zimbabwe Kwekwe, Gweru, Bulawayo, Masvingo, Mutare, Harare and Hwange.