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M., 20th-century Egyptian surgeon. See: Salah sternal puncture needle.
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Muslim Prayers stands out of the crowd with its highly customizable options.
Protesters flooded into the streets after Muslim prayers in at least five major areas across the country, a sign that Mr Assad's attempts to quell the month-long protests with a deadly crackdown and promises of reform have all but failed.
The obligatory Muslim prayers fall at daybreak, noon, afternoon, sunset and early night.
7 million taking part in the main weekly Muslim prayers on Friday.
They (PA) want Muslim prayers to enter the mosque and pass under the Zionist (Israeli) flag.
Setting aside facilities for Muslim prayers could quickly require the state to meet similar demands from other faiths, overloading its capacities and, in the case of a school, interfering with its ability to provide an education.
The visitors are briefed about the features of the mosque and a live demonstration of Muslim prayers is given.
The 12-year-old Scottish girl at the centre of an international custody battle told a Pakistan court yesterday that her mother refused to allow her to perform Muslim prayers, and forced her to eat un-Islamic food.
CUSTODY battle girl Molly Campbell told a Pakistani court yesterday her mum refused to let her say Muslim prayers and made her eat un-Islamic food.
AILING Yasser Arafat performed Muslim prayers before dawn today, but his condition remains serious and a team of doctors flying in from Arab countries will decide whether he needs to be transferred from his compound to a hospital.
The students are also upset that the school has posted signs in its bathrooms forbidding students to wash their feet, which is required before Muslim prayers.
There is no claim yet of responsibility for the bombing, occurring after Muslim prayers on Friday.

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