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The musculo-skeletal system is the major component of study in physiotherapy, and in our undergraduate years we struggle to comprehend the integration of its components: vascular, muscular, skeletal and neurological, that combine to create the system we study and treat all our professional careers.
Total quantity or scope: Delivery of anti-virus for systemic use, reduce blood clotting agents, medicinal products for the musculo-skeletal system, corticosteroids, antibacterial agents, analgesics and medicinal products divided into 13 parts
The DECADE initiative is focusing on diseases associated with the musculo-skeletal system such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spinal disorders, and severe limb trauma.
Contract notice: Medicinal products for dermatology and the musculo-skeletal system
Contract notice: Medicinal products for the musculo-skeletal system
BioTime plans to develop therapeutic products in China for the treatment of ophthalmologic, skin, musculo-skeletal system, and hematologic diseases, including the targeting of genetically modified stem cells to tumors as a novel means of treating currently incurable forms of cancer, through its subsidiary BioTime Asia, Limited.
Contract award: Medicinal products for dermatology and the musculo-skeletal system