glycogen phosphorylase

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An enzyme cleaving poly(1,4-α-d-glucosyl)n with orthophosphate to form poly(1,4-α-d-glucosyl)n-1 and α-d-glucose 1-phosphate. The active form of the enzyme is a phosphorylated protein.

glycogen phosphorylase

/gly·co·gen phos·phor·y·lase/ (gli´ko-jen fos-for´ĭ-lās) see phosphorylase.


a polysaccharide, the chief carbohydrate storage material in animals. It is formed and stored in the liver and muscles (phosphorylytically cleaved to glucose-1-phosphate). Called also animal starch.

glycogen granules
electron-dense accumulation of glycogen molecules.
glycogen nephrosis
deposition of glycogen in the renal tubules in diabetes mellitus but without apparent effect on renal function.
glycogen phosphorylase
glycogen phosphorylase the major enzyme in glycogenolysis, leading to the release of glucose-1-phosphate from glycogen. This enzyme is activated by phosphorylation from ATP by glycogen phosphorylase kinase, activated by cAMP-dependent protein kinase or by Ca2+ via calmodulin, or inhibited by hydrolysis of the phosphate by glycogen phosphorylase phosphatase.
glycogen synthase
an enzyme in the glycogenesis process.
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