Muscle Head

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Slang for a person whose life is dominated by weight training
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Myofascial force transmission between a single muscle head and adjacent tissues: length effects of head III of rat EDL.
Anyone can have a muscle head gym or an after school math program.
Surely the sexiest of men are the ones who blush a little at the slightest suggestion that they are God's gift as opposed to muscle-bound muscle head who thinks he is.
Very spacious, safe & comfortable; no muscle heads here.
Looking for a well-rounded wireless earphone that'll unite muscle heads, music lovers, and mutants under the banner of sonic supremacy?
Were there tweaked-out muscle heads obsessed with each other to the exclusion of others?
The beach provides muscle heads with an outlet to display their hard work; teenage attention hounds with an audience to feed off of; aspiring circus performers with a juggling forum; chess enthusiasts with a table and opponent, sports fanatics with field and play; fishermen with dock and smelt; and skateboarders with obstacle and freedom.